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Oh No! I Got a Tax Notice!

What is the most feared piece of mail in America? Probably a notice from the IRS. Nothing makes your heart skip a beat in pure panic like opening one of these letters. Letters from a state tax commission can also cause increased heart rate and sweaty palms.

Take a deep breath!

Often times these notices don’t mean a mistake was made on your tax return. For example, the Idaho State Tax Commission often sends out notices requesting things like copies of W2s, because it is part of their data matching process.

Read the notice carefully and completely.

The notice will carefully detail what type of tax, which tax period, and the issue in question.

Should I respond via letter or phone call?

The best way to respond to these notices is via letter. If you do wish to call, please use the phone number on the notice.

And remember…the IRS will not contact you via phone call or email…they will always send letters and notices by mail. And the IRS will never request payment via prepaid debit or credit card.

Still stressed?

Does the notice say you owe more tax, never paid, or worse yet…now they want interest and penalties from you? Let us take a look. We have experience helping clients respond to unfavorable IRS tax positions, navigating interest and penalty abatement, and much more.

Cayley Allen, CPA

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