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QuickBooks...Love It or Hate It?

If you are a small business owner, chances are you use QuickBooks. QuickBooks is undoubtedly tops in the accounting software world and can be a powerful tool for small businesses success. The key to getting accurate and timely financial data from QuickBooks is the proper selection, set-up, and use of QuickBooks.


There a lot of decisions to be made when choosing a version of QuickBooks. A simple Google search can lead to an overwhelming number of options. We can help you select the best one for you based on your specific business needs.


We can help you set-up your QuickBooks so that it functions efficiently right from the start. Setting up QuickBooks involves properly creating a chart of accounts, accounting periods, vendor, customers, products and services, inventory, and much more. By tailoring this set-up to your specific business needs, it will ultimately give you more powerful financial data to help run your business.


We also provide training on the best ways to use QuickBooks. From billing customers, to processing payments, linking bank accounts, paying bills and, reconciling bank accounts, we will help you quickly find answers to your QuickBooks problems. Whether you choose to train for a day, an hour, or to just make a quick phone call to ask a question, we are here to help with your QuickBooks issues. No problem is too big or too small!


Are you using QuickBooks Desktop and want to switch to Online, or vice versa? We can help you through this process as well. Just contact our office to find out how.

You’re Not Alone!

Just remember, you’re not alone when trying to navigate QuickBooks. A call to us is often quicker and less painful than a Google search or a call to QuickBooks support. Just give us a ring and we can help!

Cayley Allen, CPA

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