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Spooked by Your Bill?

Were you spooked by your CPA’s bill this year? What you can do to control the cost.

Was your tax return preparation fee higher than you expected last year? Are you wondering why it took so much time for your CPA to put your return together? Here are some quick tips you can use to save your CPA and yourself some money:

  • Fill out the tax organizer – While they may seem daunting, tax organizers are a great way for accountants to collect all the important information that goes on your tax return. They often include questions that will help your accountant know if you qualify for certain deductions and credits – ones you may not know to ask about.

  • Clean up your bookkeeping throughout the year – Don’t save this for tax season. Review your books regularly for accuracy. If you aren’t sure how to record a transaction or how it will affect your taxes, just give us a call…we are here year-round to offer help.

  • Provide all requested documents in a timely manner.

  • Communication is key – Let your accountant know about the big (and small) things. Don’t wait until your return is ready for delivery before you mention you made estimated tax payments, or had real estate transactions, or got married. The more we know upfront, the faster we can get your return done…without having to re-do it.

Cayley Allen, CPA

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